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I had the opportunity in my life to work for a large Italian/Spanish travel company based in Madrid, organizing trips for tourists of all ages throughout Europe and Morocco. The groups were between 50 and 150 people.

I have worked as a tour guide in several languages. The trips lasted from 3 days (Iberian Peninsula), 9 days (Morocco) and between 15-30 days for Eurotrips.

Carpe diem

For me it was the perfect opportunity to learn and learn more every day from a team of professionals. The precision, the strategies, the organization, the tools, the skills: there could not be a better opportunity to grow and improve my skills.

Obviously each guide is different. Each has its own skills, but some features are unique and belong only to a number of people. Everything I’ve learned over the years from this venture + my skills + my personality + my studies and the love of travelling have made me the guide I am today.

Prize Traveller's Choice Tripadvisor

Galicia Travels: my company

In 2018 I opened my travel agency with a Spanish investor. The results were seen immediately, in fact, because of the great amount of work, we gave up part of the company to a great worker and a very good guide, who joined our inseparable and increasingly stronger team!

What has happened since then? We worked hard and in 2020 GALICIA TRAVELS won the TRAVELLER’S CHOICE award, inserting our diamond excursion among 10% of the best excursions of ALL THE WORLD on TRIPADVISOR, the online platform for excursions, trips, hotels etc. most famous and used in the globe.
Not bad, right? In just 2 years from the opening!

If you want to know more about our agency and the prize won, we suggest you read the article written about us by a famous Spanish newspaper : EL CORREO GALLEGO. Click on the button below!


Which ones must be the strengths of an Accompanying Guide? I summed them up with a simple scheme, trying to describe my value in each of them. Do you agree? Or maybe not? I invite you to tell me where I could improve or just comment and/or vote on this page. Thank you so much!

For me the most important feature of a guide
Empathy 98%
I have learned its importance from a large enterprise in the sector
Preparation 94%
Fun yes! But seriousness first of all!
Seriousness 94%
They say I am on fire with the microphone!
Sympathy 97%
For myself not so much, but for others an obligation
Organization 89%

The importance of travelling

Travelling is one of the few inversions in which you always get rich, because you always learn, you know new cultures, traditions, uses and you improve. Even a child of another culture or country can teach us something!

During my travels, I always try to motivate those who travel with me. As you travel, you learn, you grow and improve – that’s cool! If we all traveled and knew other cultures, maybe there would be no more wars!

What travelling gives to us?

Why travelling

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Travelling is learning!

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